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If you have benefitted from my free material, all donations help me to continue my work.

One to one appointments

Alchemystic has four entry points for one to one client work. One is "Past life regression" and the other is assisting people in overcoming "Dark night of the soul". Both are highly beneficial to those seeking help & can include sound and energy healing and hypnotherapy as and when appropriate. Readings are also available as and when required.

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As a spiritual teacher, I use the power of sound to help you transform. My mission is to help you connect with your higher self and unlock your full potential. Through spiritual tuition, creative music, and free online meditations, I guide you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. All public meditations are a continuation of my group "Soul Alchemy Sessions" (ask for details)

Music & meditations 

"Day to day I work from my Brightlingsea office/crystal shop alongside my partner Etherreal." You can visit her website & our online shop below.

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