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Here is the latest music track by Alchemystic. Ambient, trance inducing & uplifting. It will help to clear negativity from your energy field and give you a positive step into the day. Listen to whilst relaxing or attempting to go to sleep. Play this track on SoundCloud for free, ideal for therapists and crystal shops as you can put it on loop.

The track is called rose quartz as it was the intention to activate the crystal through the sound that has been composed and played by Alchemystic. To some Alchemystic also known as John Jenkinson.

The image was alchemised by and combines a Rose flower and a rose quartz crystal.

Happy listening followers.

Latest music by Alchemystic "Crown chakra 963 hz" is out now. You can enjoy this epic journey creation in all major streaming sites including YouTube music & sound cloud. Happy chilled & connected listening.

Past life readings can be carried out either online or in person. With over 30 years experience in spiritual work, a past life reading with myself can give you just the pointer you need to navigate the path ahead.

Think about the infinite versions of you. The varies rolls and identities you have experienced, not just in the earth form but on other worlds also.

My psychic abilities will assist your spiritual journey, giving you pointers as to what choices you have to make and which direction maybe for your highest good and completely from a soul perspective.

It's time to rise with the spirit within, time to acknowledge and to address your life path, bringing you into your soul's mission.

Draw on the wisdom that is available to you today.


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