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If you have a query or would like to book an appointment with myself please enter the form below. 


For a more in depth understanding of what I do, or what I can offer you, I recommend either reading through my blog, listening to my videos on Youtube or for my music Soundcloud is the easiest way to play my music.  

I have over 15 years experience as a talking therapist. Appointments with myself can include, hypnosis, past life regression, soul alignment work, absolving karmic contracts and supervision for working therapists and healer/lightworkers.

From a spiritual development perspective, I can help you to connect to your guides more often, expand your overall awareness and hold your light more throughout the day. I can also show you how to deal with emotions and past traumatic experiences. I also specialise in helping people that are experiencing "Dark night of the soul".

There is a monetary fee for coming to see me and I will shape tuition to match your needs.

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0044 7923 822 810

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