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Alchemy stones: Crystal meditation, Angelic Orion transmission, Aventurine, Rose quartz, Selenite

Here is my latest meditation, Alchemy stones. Within the image that was crafted by "Etherrel" you can see the crystals, Rose quartz, Aventurine & Selenite. They all help and assist with the healing energy broadcast contained within.

I channelled the words to this "complete works" I then reconnected the next day and received the music that is powerfully expanding behind it. It is unusual for me to be touched by my own music in such a profound way. You really can feel the angels behind it. Heavenly as it opens you up to breaking the dark spells clouding humanities perceptions.

Our Orion starseed cousins will help us with this journey and send you (us) the information require at this time. Give it a while and it will come to you.




Words - by Alchemystic

Music “Angelic accords” - by Alchemystic

Image “The Oracle” - by Etherreal


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