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Dealing with polarities & emotional swings: Guided meditation

In this latest meditation, I wanted to help you into the new year. As I stated in my recent podcast, I have been sensing that emotions might be polarised towards the end of December 23. Energetic fireworks are going to ensue as a result.

Politics, money and religion are going to be at the forefront of peoples minds. To the energetically aware and connected of us, this is going to be a testing time. So this meditation is to help you maintain your timeline. I have also sensed a big shift on the day of writing this post. My feeling is that this meditation is relevant from today, the 20th of December.

Please share this video far and wide, as it will find and help those that will need it the most.

Merry Christmas!



Music & words by Alchemystic

Video image by Etherreal


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