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Frequency anger: Breaking the cycle

There has been obvious anger within humanity in recent weeks. Whilst, I believe this has been stimulated by world events. We, the beings of light, must discern the temptation of anger being the catalyst for change.

We know that change is on the way, however on an energetic level anger has never been a proper basis for human evolution, and neither has its closely related counterpart "fear".

From one generation to the next, we have seen in our own lifetimes. The revolutionaries, the change figureheads of various cultures and societies. Sadly, their broadcasted messages of change, has rarely been free from the softer presented, dissatisfaction contrasted by the actual anger of the collective pressure behind the presented "new ideal".

In simple terms, in order for us to shift into this new frequency paradigm of the Aquarian age, we must first disown our Anger, connect to the spirit within and step into the new world of light.

Let's resist the temptation to lurch into the justice bringing emotions of anger. Energetically, there can be no retribution for our collective from this position.

So, from your current timeline:

First make the conscious decision not to be motivated by anger, remember this emotion can be unconscious as well as conscious. Secondly, if you do not know how to heal your anger, (for example the root cause may be in a past life, or inherited life test) get in touch and I can show you how. I am a healer of many lifetimes.

By becoming free of anger and able to steer around this frequency, that sits within the collective of humanity. You will not only help your self, you will assist the souls journey of humanity at large.

Remember you are the light!



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