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Morning affirmations: 528 Hz restoring, sea sounds

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

In this meditation you will discover and engage with your “I am” presence. I channelled the words to help you with your morning centring. It will give you a greater capacity to connect with your higher self. I play tuning forks to the frequencies: 639 Hz for clearing, 285 Hz for healing pain and 528 Hz for restoring energies & repairing DNA. This all takes place to the backdrop of originally composed music & specifically recorded sea sounds.

I hope you enjoy this life changing meditation.

Duration 9:35 min


Image “The sorcerer” by Etherreal

Words “Chanelled” by Alchemystic

Music by Alchemystic

Sea-sounds recorded & produced by Alchemystic

Sonic tuning forks played - by Alchemystic


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