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Pleiadian contact: Starseed meditation, 852 hz, release fear

In this meditation you connect to the Pleiadian collective of light. I channel the Pleiadian indigo light, that is supporting us at this time. You will receive an energetic upgrade. This is designed to assist lightworkers and starseeds in holding their own timelines. Eventually bringing us all to the light. It will relax you and expand your awareness. You will receive directives from the Pleiadians that give day to day advice

The music in this complete work, was composed and channelled by Alchemystic. Firstly the words were recorded, and the soundtrack was word painted to meet the energies being transmitted to the listener. The track "Starseeds unite" is likely to be released in early 2024.


Music "Starseeds unite" - by Alchemystic

Words - by Alchemystic

Image "Pleiadian" - by Etherreal


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