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Christmas meditation: Healing, Christ light activation

Merry Christmas, and here is my seasonal meditation for you all. I really wanted to help the energetically aware souls that I have come into contact with over the course of 2023.

This meditation contains undertones of some famous Christmas carols, including Silent night and Jingle bells. The music 99% original and my other half Etherreal created the image for me.

You will go on an inner journey and establish your own feelings towards the Christmas season and how you cope with the commercialisation of an event that has gradually become more materially oriented. It attempts to bridge the gap between your awareness and what actually takes place. Giving you a new life position with regard to the festivities.

You will connect to the Christ light energy and bring peace to you understanding of the "Christ light day"

Peace be with you.



Words by - Alchemystic

Music by - Alchemystic

Image "The sorcerer" by - Etherreal


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