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Dark night of the soul

So many people at this time are experiencing darkness. It is not a unique experience, it is much more common than the world would have you believe. Dark night of the soul happens when your fundamental pain body becomes active. Unfortunately, this turns your whole world dark, leaving the once more positive and balanced version of you in the past. Here are some of the emotions associated with the dark night.

  • Intense feelings of emotional pain

  • Inability to resolve your pain with positive thoughts (only)

  • Shaking hands (through anxiety)

  • Disassociation

  • Intense feeling of fear that appears to come from outside your body

  • The feeling of impeding doom of death

  • Sensing you are in the wrong place in your life

  • The feeling of a hole in your auric energy field

  • Pains in the feet

  • Heightened psychic experiences

  • Remembering of traumatic past lives

  • Lack of energy

  • Noticing energy more often

  • The sense you are under psychic attack

These are just a handful of the common feelings that occur during the Dark night experience. You might not believe it now, but it can be one of the most positive things that happens to a person that is on a spiritual journey. This is because the egoic, version of you has died or is dying and your way out of it is with the light loving version of yourself. So considering this, here are some of the life circumstance that help to contribute to the continuation of pain that triggers this awful yet life enhancing experience.

  • Sudden change in circumstances, e.g. you were forced to move or change jobs

  • Being at odds with people around you

  • Having spiritual values that are not met by the outside world

  • Being on the wrong path for several years

  • Limited or no success in your life

  • General loss of identity

  • Either none or a limited number of friends

  • Having a wider sense of awareness than regular folk

  • A continual disappointment in others

So why do I feel I am able to speak with such conviction about dark night of the soul? It's because I have experienced all of the above. Only when it happened to me, I didn't have a person like myself to go to, in order to overcome this nasty affliction. So I do understand, and I also know how to get out of it. Healing pain will not happen by chance, you do need to know what to do and what not to do in order to heal the past and progress your life here on earth.

When you do eventually transcend your pain, you will be an improved version of your former self with an even better ability to connect to the light and to connect with your higher self.

Please do not delay, if you want to book a Dark night of the soul appointment, please get in touch today.



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