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Past life regression

With the use of hypnosis, past life regression can offer a great alternative to mainstream therapies. It works on the basis that we have all existed in previous lives and that we may well have recurring experiences or life challenges that have happened over many life times.


It is a particularly good therapy for those that believe they have been here before, and equally good for those who are looking for a different approach to therapy.


For example, it could be that you have had counselling and haven’t quite been able to shift just what it is that’s bothering or self sabotaging your current life.


So when you are regressed to a past life experience it is done so to make it a positive experience, letting go of the karmic patterns that are effecting you now.


The main principle to past life regression is that the subconscious mind holds any information that may be blocked by the conscious mind or current conditioning. Hypnosis can be used to bypass the conscious mind and access exactly what it is that needs to be healed and resolved.


People that have been regressed for past life have come back in the following ways.


  • A Roman soldier, fearful that life is a battle and wanting to prove their self-worth

  • An RAF Pilot, Wanting to return to their love, afraid to be too far away from home

  • A star being born at the beginnings of the universe, wanting a fresh start and new changes in their life

  • A nun that believed vehemently in religion, later found peace of mind by allowing things to be

  • A Sailor that was always drawn to or lived by the sea, felt more settled and comfortable in the life they had chosen


Past life regression can have many positive and gratifying effects as the aim is not to identify through the past but to let go of the old feeling restored by the new. This is all done with gentle positive suggestions and really can make you feel lighter and less burden by the routines of life.


If you are interested in PLR please get in touch.




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